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During the Capitol siege, videos and photos show a man in a warm yellow jacket standing next to a shaman’s law with a strange tattoo on his hand. So far, it has been mysterious and there has been speculation about what this tattoo might represent. Many suspected that there was a communist symbol, others were a “Antifa”. However, the reality is much more surprising and at the same time “harmless”: it relates to the video game Dishonored 2011 (and its sequel, Dishonored 2).

More specifically, The Mark of the Outsider is tattooed by the person who is the “mysterious and supernatural” character in the respective steampunk action-adventure game, Dishonored Games. He meets the protagonist, Corfu Atano: a masked assassin during a vision and that’s when he gets a tattoo on his hands. Incidentally, The Outsider (as his name suggests) is a neutral character in the game, while constantly helping the protagonist with his charm and “advice” at times, his character is completely different from anything similar to what the Capitol protesters did, but the same can be said for Corvo Attano and by the way , Of the entire game ambiance as well. In other words, a person with a warm yellow hue could be a great player which is why he painted the mark in the game. (Which was big in fashion anyway after the two guys succeeded.)

The French Arkane Studios developers, who made the game, also spoke about the issue. The author of the Dishonored story only wrote:

“It hurts my heart.”

A Trump sympathizer wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted that he believes he has a “sure political” tattoo in his hand, to which Harvey Smith, director of Arkan, responded:

“I can assure you not.”

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