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Index – Meanwhile, this is how Andy Sarvas has been feeling since his breakup

Index – Meanwhile, this is how Andy Sarvas has been feeling since his breakup

Andi Sarvas recently spoke for the first time about breaking up with her boyfriend, to whom she was engaged last year, after three and a half years. The Miss World Hungary 2018 winner’s relationship ended at the beginning of April, when she said she and her partner realized their love language was different. Now the model has revealed how she handled the breakup of her engagement and if she’s ready for a new love.

Starting with myself, the most important thing is how at peace you are with yourself and how strong your spirituality is. Obviously, it also depends on the reason for the breakup. However, one of the keys in any case is self-awareness, which must be paid attention to and developed. Give yourself enough time, be patient with yourself!

said the former beauty queen, who could count on her loved ones during the difficult period.

“My family and friends have helped me. I have a strong safety net behind me that I can rely on at any time. That is why I owe my strength, which I am also surprised now, how great it is,” admitted Andy, who also revealed when he would be ready to meet again.

“I think if you sort things out yourself, you have to close everything in order to move forward. Then, after a month or two, we can gradually open up to others” – Tell to Blake.

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