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Index – Meanwhile – the parrot who married in warm clothes has been swept the web

All this, despite Netflix’s management, have stated repeatedly in the past that they want to build on one-off and bigger throws rather than perks.

Barely a week after the Stranger Things Season 4 preview was revealed, fans are already starting to crave something again. As the index reports, the streaming giant recently released some of its most-watched movies and series, and it’s no surprise that Stranger Things ranks very high in the rating:

The second season was “only” able to take the eighth place, but the third season, which debuted in the summer of 2019, has already become the third most watched season of all time on Netflix.

Seeing the data, Producer Sean Levy also spoke to Collider To callhe told him:

It’s becoming clear that there’s a huge interest and appetite for the franchise, the characters, the mythology, and the entire universe, so I’d say there’s already been talks about potential side combos, but they’re still in their infancy.

Reading the product’s statement, it can be said that there is no reason to rejoice early yet, but the fact that the idea has also turned the minds of Netflix management is cause for absolute confidence.

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