Index – Meanwhile – the oldest elephant in the Cincinnati Zoo celebrated its fiftieth birthday

In the photos, zookeepers and guests gather in Ohio, USA, on May 1 to celebrate the 50th birthday of Mai Tai, the oldest elephant at the Cincinnati Zoo. Mai and the rest of her flock plowed through the huge cake and smashed its decorations, so the party went pretty much as expected.

Zoo Director Thane Maynard said: “The excellent health of Aggastien the female elephant is certainly due to the excellent care she receives.” A caretaker of the elderly elephant regularly performs yoga-like exercises with him to keep him fit and reduce age-related pain. When the female was younger and zoo animal protocols were more lenient, she performed at many opening ceremonies and local festivals.

The existing elephant room was recently enlarged and designed so that the elephants can go out into the yard more flexibly during the day and at night. They will now have more green spaces with natural trees, mud walls, pools, streams, and other features designed to give a multigenerational herd everything they could possibly need.

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