Index – Meanwhile – the Hungarian winners of the International Children’s Beauty Contest

The kids who participated in Mini Miss & Mr. Now it’s not enough to send in three photos in streetwear, but the children are given a new assignment every three days. There were times when they had to dress up in folk costumes, there was a casual dress show and they could even dress up their favorite fairy tale hero with the aim of the carnival. In addition, a video clip showing the culture of the theatrical movement and short productions had to be sent, said Ildiko Bartalovex, director of the Hungarian Children’s Beauty Contest.

Children can start out at different ages from 4 to 16 and are rewarded according to gender. Hungary was represented by three people: Liliana Babai, Sanka Obafsky and Marcel Andrikovi, who entered the world competition from the national competition. The best result of the 6-year-old, which was the first world race in her life.

Liliana has been modeling for 3 years and the fact that she collected so many titles in a global competition is still very special for us if she is “only” online now. He won the Grand Prix and also won the title of Most Beautiful International Folk Costume, the Most Beautiful Evening Dress Award, and the Makeover Title, where she wore a Belle costume from a fairy tale Beauty and the Beast.

Ilona Papini Horvat, mother of the winning baby girl, said. Among boys 4-year-old Sanka Obavszky changed her candidacy, becoming, for example, the most attractive little boy.

We waited so long for results to be announced, and I was excited all the way, and when it turned out he won two awards, all he said was: “Okay mom, I’m happy!”

Sanka’s mother, Adrian Zyzyk, remembered the victory.

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Both parents agree that the atmospheres of these online races are very different from the live ones, as they can get excited about the race on site. But they hope that in the summer they will be able to personally travel to Tbilisi, where another world competition will be held, and where Hungarian children have been invited.

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