Index – meanwhile – the Falcon and Winter Soldier series have been expanded with another vengeance

On March 19, after the Wandavision series final, the next high-budget Marvel series, The Falcon and Winter Soldier, arrives at Disney +.

This series will contain 6 parts, and you can expect up to 1 hour in length per part.

The story will pick up the thread as Captain America hands over his shield to the Falcon, and the story will be dissected through the complications and the political situations that ensue.

In addition to the two heroes in the series, Zemó will again revive, namely Daniel Brühl, who also played in Captain America: Civil War 2016, and also played the character Zemó.

But the news has now flown,

That another avenger join the series, Rhodey, the war machine played by Don Cheadle, who was the best friend of Tony Stark, who died at the end of the game. By the way, recently it was announced that his character has also been awarded the title Armor Wars.

About this news mcu_direct Instagram page published.

Until we get a fresh preview of the series – likely around midnight on the February 7 Super Bowl – we’ll have to catch up with its first enthusiast, who was full of action and mystery.

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