Index – meanwhile – spoke to the actress who was finally left out of Battle of Thrones

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When the pilot for Battle of the Thrones was filmed in 2009, the filmmakers immediately ran into difficulties, and HBO didn’t like the first release, so they had to make several changes. One of the most famous adaptations was an exchange of actors, not Emilia Clarke to play Daenerys Targaryen, but Tamzin Merchant. Instead of Battle of the Thrones, we can already know it from productions like Tudors or Salem.

Now, after nearly a decade of silence, he spoke Entertainment Weekly On why he had no role to play.

The fact that we filmed the pilot was a big lesson for me. He assured me that I would listen to my intuition and also follow it. I tried to get out of this situation and said that during the negotiations. Lots of people tried to convince me, they convinced me. Then I found myself naked there in Morocco, on a horse. Obviously, it was a more exciting experience than it felt like.

The first part of the series was pretty intense, and so did Tamzin Merchant: When his character was,
Daenerys Targaryen
After her wedding, she rode with her husband, Khal Drogo, and was then raped on the beach in the presence of a horse.

Thankfully, the actress still didn’t mind her not getting the role, and she also felt Emilia Clarke was the right choice.

I think the clear evidence is that Emilia Clarke has made the character iconic. It was clear that he was more interested in telling this story, and he was cool. But it wasn’t too close to my heart for me.

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