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Frédéric Desnard earned €40,000 (about 14 million forints) after his work was so boring that it was already at the expense of his health.

In 2020, a former employee of a luxury perfume brand had to pay a hefty paycheck after the man’s work turned out to be so boring that his health deteriorated as a result.

Desnard had been ill for seven months and in a coma for several days after his body became so overwhelmed by the grayness of everyday life that he fell ill while driving.

Every day, in about 20 to 40 minutes, he’s doing the work he’s done for four years. He described this as going to hell.

“I no longer had the energy for anything. I was guilty and ashamed of getting paid for nothing. I felt like I was invisible to the company.” The French man said he took the matter to court and the court eventually granted him justice.

According to a study by Mental Health UK, this so-called “bore-out” phenomenon is very similar to a person feeling fatigued, for example, from the stress of their work, which also has mental and physical symptoms.

However, the French man had psychological issues that affected him physically and eventually made him fall asleep.

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