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Index – Meanwhile – Paris Hilton looks like a two-footed Emmental cheese in this cut-out dress

Index – Meanwhile – Paris Hilton looks like a two-footed Emmental cheese in this cut-out dress

The twins were one and a half years old when the singer and her husband realized that they had made a big mistake.

In a ten-part video series, Majdi Roza gets unparalleled honesty about motherhood and her children like never before. The singer shares her experiences to provide useful tips for other parents.

the My mom academy In his first episode, A Mega Star It was uploaded to the YouTube channel of the previous winner that day, Dr. Leila Sibus discusses with her parenting consultant the issue that caused one of the biggest problems in her first year and a half of motherhood: anesthesia. the bad girl In the broadcast, the singer explains how he found the way thanks to which his triplets, Luisa, Kefi and Zalan, can sleep through the night.

“It has been a very difficult time in our lives. The only subject I have sought professional help for is anesthesia. At first, when the three little elves arrived, I decided that I would try to keep them organized, otherwise chaos would reign. Sleeping was chaotic.

We made a mistake in the beginning, and it took us a long time to realize it. I was afraid of the “sleep yourself” method, where we put babies to sleep with our hands. However, there are three children, and three people were needed, and I think that was not good today. They were a year and a half old when we realized that the “sleep” method worked for twins and triplets. It had been a difficult four days, but since then they had slept because they were imitating each other and because they were not alone.

Our three children sleep in one room, in separate beds. The singer revealed that leaving anesthesia and not being with them caused me psychological problems, adding that she used to visit her crying twin every 10 minutes, but in the end they understood that their parents wanted them to sleep alone.

“Lugzi was so smart even then, she lay down to sleep, and the boys watched her for a while, and they realized that if she was sleeping, they could sleep too,” revealed Rosa, who believes they should have put her to bed earlier. While rocking it in her lap.

We couldn't have evolved into this horrible zombie state, we were already crazy from not sleeping, we slept for two hours. They kept waking up, were teething, woke each other up too, and couldn't go back to sleep, so we were also constantly awake. This was a good situation because they had been constantly hugging each other for a year and a half and sleeping that way. Let's say what we didK

said the singer from Metropole by She also mentioned that becoming a mother has been a long process for her, but as a mother she learns something every day and makes sure not to compare her children with others.

I no longer impose things, but rather let my children be as they are. But I also had to earn it.

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