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The diversity seen in the movies – in terms of skin color, gender and gender – is an issue that concerns many people right now in Hollywood. It is recently With an Academy Award Regarding this, there have been reports that starting 2024, strict rules will be introduced to ensure representation. Neil Patrick Harris also spoke on the subject, as the actor is openly gay, so he spoke from the LGBTQ side at To the times Very upset.

I think it’s especially exciting when a hetero actor plays gay, of course only if you give it your all.

This statement caused some eyebrows, as they rarely get gay actors in heterosexual roles, instead of reversing the characteristic. Suppose Harris’ greatest success came in a role like this in How You Went With Your Mum as Barney. But this is the exception. Fortunately, Harris wasn’t supposed to get angry, because he added:

In the world we live in, the manager is not set to decide that. Who can tell me how hot it is? … I played a character for 9 years that wasn’t anything like me. I decided to play the roles of who is the best actor.

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