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Index – Meanwhile – new trailer for Tyler Rake: The Escape 2 has arrived with fast-paced action scenes

Index – Meanwhile – new trailer for Tyler Rake: The Escape 2 has arrived with fast-paced action scenes

The show ended on RTL on Friday night Dream come true Titled Business Reality, in which among sharks Known from the show, billionaire businessman Levente Balogh found his presidential aide in the person of Balázs Keserű. This time, the founder of Szentkirályi Ásványvíz and the winning candidate made a statement about their future collaboration. The newly appointed presidential aide revealed what kind of person he sees his future boss in, but it was also revealed what kind of future Levente Balog expects for his new employee.

Photo: RTL

Although the newly signed assistant will only officially start working on June 1, he will continue to take over until then, which is causing him more and more stress, as he wants him to give his best performance.

If you really prove to me that you are the person I think you are, you will have great opportunities in the private sector

– said Levente Balog, who believes that the winner of the next dream does not need to stay as his assistant for a long time, because he is destined for greater things, but next year he can lay the foundation for a bright career. In addition to Balázs Keserű, the president maintains a good relationship with the previous candidates of the show, so much so that a joint meeting has already been planned.

I am offering an internship position to a couple of candidates, but of course they are not looking for a presidential assistant position. Vicki and Balent, for example, are very talented. The first was undeservedly attacked by commentators. There was no sympathetic withdrawal from them

– explained the businessman, who said that the last two candidates had to drop out because they were still at university, and considered it important that they complete what they would not have necessarily done if they got the job.

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On the other hand, Leventi Balogh not only gave internships to former candidates. He also saw entrepreneurs in the team who had promising projects, so that they could work with them in the future. Dete Fagto, who finished second, should not be sad either, because according to the president, it is possible that they will cooperate with him in the future.

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