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His snowshoes filled up within a few hours.

The seven star couples who will be competing on TV2 were revealed on Tuesday morning Asia Express in the new season of his show. This time, the reality of the adventure shifts to America: the first stop will be Mexico, where the players have already left, including Alekush, who is already tired, although the torture itself has yet to begin.

the repost He is caught up in the Netherlands by the former VV winner, who is awaiting a transfer, who will throw himself into the unknown with his girlfriend, Réka.

“I had to go through many difficulties already, even though we left Budapest only a few hours ago.

I’d like to start by saying that the pilot was a woman, which puzzled me at first, because a woman shouldn’t be doing such typical male work.

But if you’re going to do it, do it right, not the way he did. He was twisting buttons and varying all the way. My snowshoes were full of it! I don’t understand why it was necessary to stumble and wave up and down. Maybe he thought we liked it? I didn’t like it, and I told the flight attendants after landing,” Alekush said, adding that he decided not to drink on the road this time, and explaining why.

“A gentleman does not drink alcohol while traveling, especially if he cannot smoke a good cigar with her.”

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