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Page six According to his sources This time, Emily Ratajkowski is begging for forgiveness from her friend, Olivia Wilde, after a video of the model kissing ex-husband Harry Styles went viral. The video, which was released over the weekend and showed the Grammy-winning singer and model kissing wildly on the streets of Tokyo, has already been viewed millions of times.

Just a few weeks ago, Wilde and Ratajkowski were spotted together at the 2023 Vanity Fair Awards, and this past June they sat next to each other in the VIP section at Styles’ party in Paris, where they danced obliviously. Previously, the model came to the couple’s defense when Wilde and Styles’ relationship came under fire from the public, but it seems like a lot has changed since then.

“Over the past year there has been such a frenzy around Amber Heard and Olivia Wilde, the way they are crammed in like they’re monsters or witches… there are nuances, but when you see how the whole world reacts to women, it’s really hard not to take “I feel like I have to protect them,” Ratajkowski said at the time. According to the newspaper’s insider, Wilde doesn’t want to be involved in the scandal in any way, he wants to focus on his children after his split from Styles.

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