Index – Meanwhile – Levente Balogh on Dream Comer Winner: “Reminds me a lot of my 25 year old self”

The show ended on RTL on Friday night Dream catcher Titled Business Reality, in which among sharks Known from the show, billionaire businessman Levente Balogh found his presidential aide in the person of Balázs Keserű. Szentkirályi Ásványvíz founder and winning candidate spoke about their experiences and future collaborations at Breakfast.

As we wrote earlier, mineral water is king Dream catcher He said that he did not want to search for candidates through headhunting, because the person they recommend might be good in professional terms, but he is not sure as a person.

The businessman said that although the assistant to the chief will only officially start working at the beginning of June, he will continue to take over the duties until then. For a start, for example, you need to put a file among sharks Contracts and investments, but according to the plans, Palaz Kesri will travel between his company to represent him. Levente Balogh also asserted that the boy reminded him a lot of his 25-year-old self, who he thought was probably more educated than he was at that age. The chief said that the first three months will be about the need for his assistant to pay close attention to his colleagues and get to know them, and only then will he be given new tasks.

These six weeks were very doubly so, on the one hand, they were not the last self-awareness training. Although many of us were opponents, those who gave themselves remained friends at the end of the day

– revealed Balázs Keserű, who first met the businessman’s name in 2017 and since then has been constantly watching when he can work with him.

Levente Balog also believes that he managed to get to know his future teammate in about a month, and even got to know him better. Regarding the last broadcast, he said that the two best contestants, Dete Fajto and Balaz Kesri, were suitable for the job, but for different tasks. According to his confession, he considered it until the last moment. “I thought about what I need now, but for me it was the professional part,” he declared.

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