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Index – Meanwhile – Junior Schubert Norby already knows in which part of America he would like to continue his studies

Index – Meanwhile – Junior Schubert Norby already knows in which part of America he would like to continue his studies

The issue of additional education has become relevant.

Schubert Norby the Younger's life after Sztárbox is full of his relationships, studies and sports. Norbert Schubert's middle son said last year that he could imagine his higher education in the United States rather than at home.

I will definitely go to America to study in business school. I will also work with him, learn the language, absorb the knowledge there, and in a couple of years I might be able to use it here if I return. It would be great if I could achieve what my parents achieved here. I could start a whole new life for myself there. This is my plan, and I won't change it much. I'm sure I'm aiming for America

– previously told Fókusz employees.

Schubert Norby Jr. for Ripost Now They betrayed himIt looks like he will continue his education in Miami and eventually cover his tuition by winning an athletic scholarship.

“I'm not sure about the specific institution yet, but we found a good economics school in Miami. I'm happy for him, because in addition to the fact that I like boxing, I can also get free tuition through sports,” the young man said.

Rica Robinette's eldest son had previously spoken about traveling abroad with his lover Petra Farkas, as their relationship has recently become serious.

I still want to be with Petra. You have to think a lot here, but he said he would come with me and we could start a new life together. And it was very good for me that he would accept this for me

Norbert Schubert Jr. was involved with the newspaper.

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