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Index – Meanwhile – Horvath Charlie and Curtis will be releasing a new joint song soon

Index – Meanwhile – Horvath Charlie and Curtis will be releasing a new joint song soon

Curtis has long been known to be a huge fan of Charlie Horvath, in fact, he already was A star within a star On his show, he had the opportunity to sing one of the most famous songs of the rock, jazz and blues artist.

At the same time, the 75-year-old singer and musician is known to not work with just anyone, but he gladly said yes to the rapper, who contacted him a few months ago saying he wanted to work with him. As Charlie Horvath told Repost They betrayed himThey have been good friends for ten years, so they quickly find common ground with each other.

It had been brewing for a while, and I told him I would only participate if I liked the song. Well, I loved it. I went into the studio two or three months ago and sang. Anyway, Curtis was a very likable person to me at first sight. I guess I usually know who I’m going to run into after the first word. A strange relationship developed, I fell in love with the person

– stated Charlie, who enjoyed working with Attila Seki-Cortes.

At the same time, the legendary speaker also admitted that he does not agree to cooperate for the sake of everyone:

I am not willing to work with anyone and have never worked with anyone. I have four composers who are also my band members, and they know me. This was an exception. I often make exceptions, I have already helped many people, and many people helped me in the old days

– confirmed Charlie, who had already shot the video clip for the new composition with Curtis over the weekend. As can be seen from the images, we are going to have a fun musical experience, but the artist only spoke briefly about the song itself:

I don’t like talking about music. When they try to decipher music, it’s nonsense. The song plays, some like it and some don’t. Someone sings music, someone sings songs, it’s good together if the music is good. If the music is not good, there is no point in writing lyrics for it. For me, music is reliable. The video clip has been completed and will be shown in May. I think it will be exciting

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