Index – meanwhile – had a hard time organizing the Golden Raspberry ceremony, to give them a nomination that was below the belt.

One of the founders himself later admitted the mistake, and withdrew the nomination.

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The organizers of the Golden Raspberry Prize have withdrawn one of their nominations this year after it caused an outcry among netizens. Ryan Kyra Armstrong A fire starter Also the only hero of the 12-year-old movie, who people found very evil and mischievous.

Many people spoke out in defense of the little girl, and news of this reached John Wilson, co-creator of the parody show.


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“Sometimes you do things without thinking. Then you get charged for it and you realize what was wrong. That’s why we created the Golden Raspberry Award in the first place,” the man began his statement, adding: They believed that despite her young age, Armstrong was already an experienced enough actress to be among the candidates, but later admitted that. They made a mistake in her candidacy, for which she has publicly apologized.

His candidacy was canceled, and even new rules were drawn up, according to which minors would not be eligible in the future for any of the Golden Raspberry categories.

(via the guardian)

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