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We recently wrote about Lil Uzi Vert having a diamond in his head in surgery, and for game publisher Blizzard, it was a huge ball for hunting a large altar. He even slapped her.

The news reminds us of old motorcycle enthusiasts in the first part of the 1996 Diablo series, in which the main character “Lord of Terror”, Diablo, fights, and after his defeat, stabs Diablo’s spirit stone in his head at the end of the game.

This idea resurfaced in Diablo II, when Diablo gradually took possession of the body of the Part One hero – who was defeated by the hero of Episode Two again.

Photo: liluzivert / Instagram – Blizzard

An Activision-Blizzard community manager also came to this analogy, trolling the Big Altar with Lil Uzi Vert by writing the following call to the official Diablo Twitter channel in addition to the news as a comment:

Take the red soul again, Mortal! You cannot keep the terror master!

In addition to the opportunity for all Diablo fans and players to shed tears of laughter, Lil Ozzy Vert has also – willingly or unwittingly – become part of Blizzard’s marketing campaign as the next installment, Diablo IV, is in the pipeline. Unfortunately, this has yet to be released, as Activision-Blizzard recently announced in a financial report that the long-awaited sequel will not appear in 2021.

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