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Index — meanwhile — Cooky’s fans are concerned that he may have been in crisis with his love affair

Index — meanwhile — Cooky’s fans are concerned that he may have been in crisis with his love affair

Fans are already assuming the worst.

Recently, Cooky’s partner, Debóra Szécsi, totally shocked her fans, who wrote a shady sentence in her latest post, leading some to immediately assume that something might be wrong with their relationship.

“I have bad news: everything will pass. I have good news: everything will pass, ”says the Instagram post of the partner of the famous radio host, who is 27 years younger than him.

Recently, Cookie wrote under his love photo: “At first no one believed in our relationship, but I’m still as fond of you as I was on day one.” On the other hand, fans immediately speculated that the lovers’ relationship might have been ruined.

Kiskeged contacted the couple to find out if their relationship was really in crisis. But the radio announcer, who learned of the troubling comments from the magazine, laughed at their request.

No, fortunately nothing is wrong! Deborah had her own little story, which had nothing to do with our love. We are just back from Dubai, feeling radiant again, and soon getting ready for our vacation in Croatia, which is of course the four of us going! We will take advantage of the last free summer before school, because our eldest son will be at school next year, so the end of summer will definitely be spent preparing.

Cookie explained the situation pageto.

“Until our trip, we are busy with our garden, making small changes: we put artificial grass, build, change things a little. This is exactly what connects our energies, so believe me, everyone, you don’t have to worry! “- the radio host said cheerfully.

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