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The global press meticulously documented Shakira’s all-out attack on her ex-husband, Gerard Pique, after it was revealed that the former footballer had cheated on her. Among other things, the singer spoke on his behalf in a number that broke Guinness records, charmingly teased her ex-mother-in-law and insulted her ex-lover at every forum.

The unprecedented campaign may now subside for some time after the singer has left Spain, but it is also possible that this is simply a tactical retreat and a build-up of force.

In any case, Pique could use a little recovery as, according to the signs, he was hit hard by the campaign launched by his ex-wife. The former football player expressed his sadness in an interview with Gerard Romero.

As he said, it was very hard at first and it got to the point where he wanted to throw himself off a cliff. But then he learned that the only things worth worrying about were health, family, and friends.

My ex is from Latin America… You can’t imagine the messages I got from his fans on social media. Millions of barbarities!

Pique complained about the temperamental Latins, but he was no longer worried about them. “I don’t know these people. They don’t have real lives, so why bother with them? I will never meet them, they are robots.” TellThen he added that this is a healthy attitude, because if you care about other people’s opinions, you will be a dead man.

“If they see you are afraid, they have won. You must show them what you can do,” he advised his comrades.

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