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Index – Meanwhile – Bence Estens will not do without Norbecka Schubert at Starbucks: “Well, the thread broke here.”

Index – Meanwhile – Bence Estens will not do without Norbecka Schubert at Starbucks: “Well, the thread broke here.”

He says no one should expect him to relax star boxIn, only strong blows with stones, with iron fists.

A few days ago, during a press conference, it was revealed that Norbert Schubert Jr. would be Bence Estens’ opponent in the tournament. star box At the show, the presenter did not hesitate: after the announcement, he immediately rushed to the gym so that he could continue his preparations while already knowing his opponent. He stuck with it too VIP farm With the image of his former winner on his punching bag, he punched her mercilessly, then announced that he considered Schubert a difficult opponent, then apologized in advance to the young man’s parents for the fight.

Because of things like this, verbal give-and-take began between Estinis and Coach Schubert. The message continued Sunday evening on Instagram, with a video clip in which Estinis said with some exasperation:

They really messed with my mind, probably because I have too much testosterone.

Through his post, he wanted to clarify what respect is, and explained, among other things, that since the show was announced, he has been entertaining his followers with funny content, which he believes is not offensive.

“At the press conference, when I was called on stage, it was announced that Schubert Norbicka would be my opponent, and then I said that I respect Norbicka very much, and I think he is a serious opponent, and I can also tolerate his parents, that’s really the way it is, there’s nothing wrong with them or in Norbica is my problem, I never want to hurt them. […] There was another problem: I brought a chair onto the stage, gave it to Norbecka, told her to practice tipping, and I would tip her during the game. Then Sztárbox also posted the duets, and under the post my master, Tommy Toth, commented, he has played with me a lot already, he knows how Norbica will feel, and hopes to persevere. Well, this is where the thread with Norbecka’s master, Györi Hedvigi, is broken, as we have now crossed all limits, and this is indeed a huge disrespect to the parents, to him, and to everyone,” said Istinis angrily.

I ask: Is the unfortunate campaign about to begin now, alas, poor Norbecka? They’ll ask me, please, don’t hit the tough guy, just give him little cookies instead? So let’s take care of his little self, don’t say rude things? We didn’t even say anything rude! Pull yourself together a little!

Ask the question the sound Presenter.

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“We have trained hard since the beginning of the year, because we take our opponents seriously. I hit my head really hard, and I suffered the worst pain, not to meet this in the ring. I don’t think there is anything disrespectful in making half-joking videos,” he explained. , adding:

One thing is certain. Don’t expect such dirty words, meditations and relaxation from us, expect harsh blows from us, with iron fists! This is what you are waiting for! Norbica, this is going to hurt a lot.

Estinis also talked about how he knew Schubert had Olympic-level preparation.

“If Norbica really has the boxing talent her coach says he does and kicks me out, I’ll be the first person to congratulate her. I’ll be there when he goes to the Olympics, and I’ll push him, but don’t expect her to relax until then.”

(via from right to left, 24. He)

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