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Index – meanwhile – avoided sports all his life, but went on to become one of Britain’s most successful marathon runners

Index – meanwhile – avoided sports all his life, but went on to become one of Britain’s most successful marathon runners

The actress had no idea what was going on in the background of their relationship.

Petra Gobek is going through a difficult time A star within a star The winner is in his final season, as his relationship of a year and a half recently ended. His love for her was unfaithful, and all this was revealed to the actress practically because of the show.

“I asked myself what is the point of success if your personal life is falling apart. Then I put it together. In fact to some extent a A star within a starI can also thank my victory for learning the truth. If my profession is not what it is, and there is no file A star within a star The attention you received, then maybe even now I don’t know what the reality is. I did several interviews on the show, and there was a podcast that one of the girls listened to. He found her sympathetic, his conscience spoke, he said he wouldn’t do it any more, he called her and admitted he was an accessory to the infidelity,” Jobbik began at Story, who said that although it was a great lesson for him, it was understandable that what he heard was Very difficult for him mentally, as he had no idea that his friend was cheating on him.

We are not talking about one occasion. The deeper I delve into things, the more and more cases are revealed, escaping into denials and lies. I questioned our entire relationship like that and lost all my trust. What had been normal until then suddenly disappeared. Disappointment in my life!

The singer recalled what had happened. Gubik was afraid that he would not be able to perform at work as a result of what had happened, but he saw that theater had the power of healing. As he said, he “acted out” some of his pain, but he also consulted a professional, and he boldly recommends this to anyone with mental problems.

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