Index – Meanwhile – America’s 27-year-old favorite today

Brought in this morning by Pumped Gabon unpleasant Zsófit Szabó, but before that Gabor Garami entered the spirit of the presenter.

Garami was invited to the show to talk about his still looking real.

I don’t know what a happy or unhappy relationship you lived in, but if you lived in a happy relationship, you might have passed a lucky school of self-knowledge. If not, you don’t know anything yet.

There was an awkward silence, then Marianne Piller tried to save what could be saved, but Garamy intervened.

If you are really happy about it then you’ve found the real thing brilliantly, and if not, then I guess you are still in the lower ranks.

Zsófi Szabó looked so strange here, he was clearly embarrassed, but he asked for a response that at the time, according to them, Garami didn’t know anything about it either. Then Garamy avoided the word why relationships are reliable when the divorce rate is 60%.

If I know you are in a happy relationship, “Piller turned to Marianne, and then asked Commissioner Zsov, who should be,” Maybe you too, or I don’t know.

Zosofi Szabo could only say that

I’m not very aligned with the topic right now.

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