Amber Heard és Johnny Depp

Index – Meanwhile – Amber Heard’s past comments to Johnny Depp are returning to the slanders on Twitter

Amber Heard personally responded to fans of her ex-husband Johnny Depp, who wrote negative messages on social media.

Had he missed the news last week, Johnny Depp would have lost his bid to renegotiate the “spanking” case in the UK. There is still a defamation case in the US that will be heard later this year. Amber Heard contacted young Johnny Depp’s lawyer on Twitter last week. And now he started responding on Twitter, which insulted him.

In one of the tweets A fan of Amber writes that:

I’d rather be petty than an offensive gold digger.

The actress’ response to this was that:

It’s nice to see your goals realistically.

Another commentator for the actress wrote the following:

The only reason Johnny Depp lost the case was because he was against Rupert Murdoch, not against Amber Heard. But it will be different in America …

By the time the answer was:

It might be difficult.

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