Index – meanwhile – Alikos received a gruff insult: “I’ll send you to jail, you bastard!”

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TV2 Asia Express Alkosh, who has returned from filming his show, has barely arrived, but is already fresh Posted a call on his social page. The former reality show actor reported that he was the victim of a provocation at a railroad crossing before traveling to Mexico. Namely, what happened is that they tried to set his winning car on fire, and at the same time his physical integrity was endangered by a hitherto unknown perpetrator.

“At the end of March, before I set off for the Asia Express, I was driving unsuspectingly in the Érd tölz, when at the railway crossing the driver in front of me threw a lit cigarette butt into my car. The window, closed for good weather, hit the burning ass Face first and then fell into my lap.This happened as soon as I went up the barrier and we passed facing each other.I immediately stopped, got out, turned around and he chased the offender while calling 911.I followed him for a while and then he managed to hold on.Unfortunately, I couldn’t write down his license plate number, But I filed a report at Erdi Police Station. A few days ago I was in a document review”- He remembers Alikos informs Repost of the case.

The former VV winner was very upset by the unpleasant insult and wouldn’t calm down until the person was arrested. For now, he trusts the police will find the culprit, but if they don’t find the owner of the stump, he’s ready to take matters into his own hands and launch a manhunt.

I’ll put you in jail, you bastard!

If the police don’t catch me, I’ll take over the case. What if I get a cigarette butt in my eye? What do you imagine? I do not advise you to hide, because they are already spinning. They will catch up with me soon anyway, and then I will be there too. If necessary, I will also provide the track guide fee. “No tolerance for criminals,” Alkosh said angrily, who especially likes to get involved in conflict situations.

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