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Index – Meanwhile – According to Gabor Kraus, the chemistry between them and Anna Meeks is working

Index – Meanwhile – According to Gabor Kraus, the chemistry between them and Anna Meeks is working

The singer still wants to perform, but she doesn’t plan to stop dancing.

Another couple said goodbye Saturday night Dancing with the starsOf this time in the person of Linda Kiraly and Andras Suti. Tímea Gelencsér asked them about their feelings and thoughts after the show Dirty dancingWhere they arrived (unlike the previous losers) with a big smile. Kiraly talked about how he could not be sad, because he was grateful for every broadcast, and these few weeks gave him a lot, for example, helped him connect with his femininity.

Soti also paid tribute to her partner with words of appreciation, and according to her, they worked a lot so that the singer could allow herself to go on stage. For the first time during the three seasons, he was able to be present as a professional dancer and not as a teacher in their productions.

“I think our past was also something that changed us. We can be very proud of ourselves, especially Linda of course, and we have nothing to be ashamed of. He put such beautiful dances on the dance floor, which is so perfect.”

However, Kiraly’s task was not easy. After Gelenser noticed that he sat in front of her in a fit of anger, he admitted to a question that he had finished the race with a serious injury.

“In the first two weeks, I had an injury. I tore the muscle between my ribs, and it’s out a little now, but that’s okay, I’ve held on. But we did it anyway. “I told you not to make me laugh, because I can’t laugh, and I can’t even cough, because “This hurts me a lot.”

What, so you did it? And you didn’t say that anywhere, and no one even knew about it?

– muttered the host, and the singer shook her head profusely. According to his partner, he got better with the problem this week, which continued to get worse until the live show, but Kiraly didn’t complain to others anyway.

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“I am a warrior!” He laughed.

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