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Few people would go as far with a pet as the actor and singer that I amHe cloned two copies of his beloved dog a few years back.

Nothing proves that Barbra Streisand is a true animal lover more than the fact that she also throws him a birthday party. Miss Fanny’s birthday was May 3rd, and the two-time Academy Award-winning, ten-Grammy-winning singer and actress gave way to celebration.

She also shared an adorable snap of the three waiting for the cake on her Instagram page. Streisand loves these dogs as if they were her own children.

As it is known, Coton de Tulear’s 14-year-old dog, Samantha, passed away in 2017, and she had a hard time processing her loss. In his grief, he decided to clone her. Two clones of the dog have been successfully cloned from cells taken from the animal’s mouth and stomach. They became Violet and Scarlet, named after the clothes Streisand was wearing when they arrived. Miss Fanny is a relative of these. Her breeder brought her to the actress when she was waiting for clones.

Many fans find it interesting that the actress was so attached to her beloved dog. Reproduction here or there, Streisand claims, every dog ​​has a different personality. However, the procedure was not cheap: according to estimates, it could cost between $50-100 thousand (16.8-33.7 million forints).

(via LadBible)

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