Index - Local - We have to endure until Sunday, and the weather will be clear on Monday

Index – Local – We have to endure until Sunday, and the weather will be clear on Monday

There will be plenty of sunshine on Thursday, and only a few clouds of veil or cumulus can appear in the sky. Dry weather is expected across the country; We can measure 13-19 degrees at dawn and 27-32 degrees in the afternoon – you can read it timetable in prediction.

on Friday We can usually expect sunny weather, only in some places short-term rains or a thunderstorm can occur in the west, here in some places the south and southwest winds can pick up. The maximum temperature ranges between 28 and 34 degrees.

in a. Saturday Sunshine will also be the main role, rarely in the north, northwest and in the foothills of the Alps rain or thunderstorms can develop. Winds can only pick up near hot spots of precipitation, likely 30-35 degrees in the afternoon.

Sunday There may be more cumulus clouds, scattered rain and thunderstorms in the northern counties. West and southwest winds will rise in several places, and we will experience temperatures of 30-36 degrees. on Monday A cold front is approaching our country, so there may be more rain and thunderstorms, but a heat wave, with a maximum of 30-36 degrees, remains in front of the front.

The European heat record may have been broken

the timetable An anticyclone called Lucifer, he wrote late Wednesday night, is exerting its effects, as the southern half of the continent has been filled with African-American air and dust from the Sahara. In Syracuse, Sicily, Primary (based on unverified measurements)

These high temperatures haven’t been seen in Europe since records. As a result of the mass of hot air of African origin that dominates Sicily, the temperature has risen in several places above 40 and in some places above 45 degrees. The temperature of the Tunisian capital, on Tuesday, reached 49 degrees. They added that the heat wave is expected to continue in southern Europe in the coming days.

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