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Index - Local - Vodafone decided to stop a popular service

Index – Local – Vodafone decided to stop a popular service

The problem with these packets was that the service provider violated the network neutrality guidelines set by the union. For this reason, he had to withdraw from his wallet, just like his competitors. However, customers using the service can still use the data options until the end of March 2023, the company reported.

The Vodafone It offered its customers a number of traffic data options that provide unlimited data distribution for different contents – some options are fully priced at certain tariffs, while others can be used for a separate monthly fee.

The Social Pass, which allows unlimited use of social networking sites (the opening of external links is not included), the Connect Pass, which includes chat and voip services, or the Video Pass, which can be used with video-streaming apps, were among those options. This summer, BEREC, which brings together the specialized authorities of member states, issued a new recommendation on compliance with the EU directive; Already at that time it can be guessed that users can say goodbye to popular data options.

BEREC has confirmed that any kind of arbitrary differentiation of traffic on a service provider’s network is illegal, even if services that can be used with unlimited options also become unavailable after the normal monthly data limit has been exhausted; Read outlet.

Magyar Telekom also intervened

Magyar Telekom previously removed similar type of fee packets from its suite of services, but Yettel has not yet introduced a data traffic limit for traffic generated by the Yettel TV IPTV service.

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