Index - Local - Vera Tóth became a coronavirus after vaccination

Index – Local – Vera Tóth became a coronavirus after vaccination

Vaccination is progressing well in the country, as more and more celebrities are already receiving the Coronavirus vaccine. As we wrote earlier, Vera Tooth is barely a week old Which he announced on his Instagram page. At the time, it was not revealed what kind of vaccine he had received, but at the RTL Club breakfast, it was revealed now. Unfortunately, the singer also said that the first dose did not protect her from infection.

I grabbed this thing too, and now I’m getting out of it. I was suffering from a milder syndrome, probably due to the fact that I had already been vaccinated

Said Vera, who Mark Lacatos and Zofi Szabo reached via an internet connection. It seems that the singer was not surprised at all with her injury, as she realizes that vaccination practically gives real protection after a month and a half. However, you also know that if you already have the vaccine in your body, you can eliminate more severe symptoms.

I have Sputnik

Finally, Lakatos’ question was revealed. The singer, by the way, is an absolute polluter, urging everyone to order a vaccine, but also warns of the possibility of contracting the virus after the first dose. This is also confirmed by his case.

Vera also spoke about how unfortunately much of her acquaintances have been affected by the pandemic and how she deals with the losses as an artist. Although he may not be on stage, he has found a creative activity in which he can express his pain: He reduces stress by drawing.

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You can watch the interview here:

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