INDEX – LOCAL – US soldiers come to Hungary, the government says it’s just a joint training

19/2/2020 11:07
Modified date: 02/19/2020 14:39

Two defense officials told NBC News that the United States will soon announce that it will send about two hundred American soldiers and Stryker armored fighting vehicles to Hungary.

It was reported that the combat team is in the European Command area and may be transferred in the coming days.

Previously Ruthenian Cindy RomulusThe commander of the Hungarian armed forces spoke about the ability of the Hungarian army to defend the country. A similar statement was made by Peter Sigarto, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, who was recently He saiddo not agree that new NATO units should enter the territory of Hungary.

No, we did not agree to this and it would not be otherwise. After all, there are already NATO forces in the country: the Hungarian Armed Forces and the Hungarian Armed Forces

– said the minister. He added that they are in good shape to ensure the country’s security, so there is no need for additional troops in Hungary.

For information on NBC News, visit He also contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense, but has not yet responded to the request.

The Ministry of Defense responded

At our request, the Ministry informed you of this

Every year, there are local and international exercises, joint training and preparation courses in Hungary for which soldiers from NATO member states come to Hungary. It will be again this year, many times. The ministry provided information about this yesterday at

On their website It can be found yesterday.Once again, international exercises in the new devilIn an article summarizing a joint training event expected in late February and early March, he highlights that one of his goals is to strengthen ties with US forces.

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(Cover Photo: MTI / EPA / Razvan Pasarica)

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