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The government of Wellington in New Zealand has announced that the next generation and their successors will never be able to purchase tobacco products in their lifetime. Deputy Health Minister Aisha Feral said that by the end of next year, when it comes into force in 2027, the law will no longer be able to purchase tobacco in the country by children 14 years of age or younger in their lifetime.

We want to make sure that young people never get used to smoking, so selling or making tobacco products available to them would be a crime.

Feral said. Under the new law, only products with a very low nicotine content will be allowed to be marketed, and the number of stores selling tobacco products will also be reduced.


The Deputy Minister described it as a historic day for the health of the country, recalling this

  • Smoking causes the most preventable deaths in the country,
  • One in four cancers can be traced back to this.

The New Zealand government has set a target for no one in the country to smoke by 2025, so measures are also being planned to help quitting, according to MTI.

(Cover photo: Aerial view of Wellington. Photo: Mark Tantrum/Getty Images Hungary)

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