Index - Local - They have been given a fresh and up-to-date material that students will love

Index – Local – They have been given a fresh and up-to-date material that students will love

The index was written on MondayThat a new graduation theme will soon be added to the color palette: Csaba KőrösiThe head of the Environmental Sustainability Directorate in the Presidential Office recently stated in an interview that Graduation from high school Sustainable development can be an elective within a year.

Since then, the Ministry of Human Resources (EMMI) has informed our newspaper that a government decree changed the graduation rules last week. Thus, in May 2024, in addition to Baptist theology and biblical knowledge, they can also choose the topic of the sustainability exam. graduating students.

In other words, in the next year, the series of graduation examinations for a graduate student could be:

  • Hungarian Grammar and Literature;
  • mathematics;
  • Date;
  • a foreign language, which may be, among others, English, German, Spanish, Russian or French;
  • and sustainability.

Students are already learning about sustainability in 218 schools

“The new material – for which a textbook set and a framework curriculum have been prepared – will be taught in September of this year, in a total of 218 secondary schools in Hungary.” Check out Krakowand start entering a new topic blue planet foundation Tell a fellow index.

The idea itself was born at the height of 2020 and grew out of School Sustainability Theme Week, the main sponsor of which is Janus Ader The outgoing President of the Republic Founded by the Blue Planet Foundation. Primary and secondary school students will then work on the topic of sustainability in a larger immersion for a week.

Hundreds of thousands of Hungarian students participated in these programs, and based on the feedback, we assessed that the children were interested in the topic and liked it. This is why we started thinking about how to better expose the topic of sustainability in public education. Not just 51 of 52 weeks

– Ákos Krakkó said how the idea and theme of sustainability was born.

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An employee of the Blue Planet Foundation added that from September 2021, high schools will be able to incorporate the topic of sustainability into their twenty percent elective course. Science teachers can now teach sustainability to 9th and 10th graders.

However, if teachers of geography, biology, chemistry, physics, or any other subjects choose to incorporate sustainability into their lessons, they are also free to download and make use of the Green Earth textbook package, which is fully accessible on the Blue Planet Foundation website.

Blue Planet – Green Earth

In the spring of 2021, the first Green Earth textbook collection was compiled, recorded by ecologists and practicing educators, which, in addition to a textbook and workbook, also includes an educational resource and subject matter for teacher preparation. We have made sure to create a curriculum that is very interesting, fascinating and readable

– Explains Ákos Krakkó, who also revealed that when developing the sustainability curriculum, it was also an important aspect not to increase the already serious climate anxiety of today’s students in any way. That’s why the focus of the sustainability curriculum isn’t how ice caps melt, swallows die on a beach, and turtles choke on plastic straws in their throats.

Excerpt from the textbook Green Earth

Photo: Kékbolygó . Climate Protection Foundation

Instead, we wanted a curriculum that was relevant to the average Hungarian high school student and offered feasible ideas and practical advice for a sustainable, environmentally conscious life. For example, there is a separate chapter on the relationship between apparel and sustainability, climate-friendly transportation, and environmentally conscious health.

Said one of the employees of the Blue Planet Foundation.

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By reading in the Green Earth textbook, students really get a book that is interactive, modern, rich in graphics and colour, and is in no way similar to a textbook. The Sustainability Book is a collection of exciting, receptive and readable essays rather than dry definitions, theories and proofs.

The plan is to occupy primary schools

Ákos Krakkó also revealed that after the ninth and tenth books, the eleventh and twelfth books were completed in April: for the next school year, schools can order them all from the state textbook provider system, Kilo. So this is no longer an obstacle to truly making sustainability a graduate topic.

So far, we have received a lot of positive comments: the topic of sustainability is loved by both students and teachers. We don’t know yet how many high schools will be included in the curriculum from the 2022/23 school year onwards, in addition to currently 218, we will see this as soon as possible at the end of August and beginning of September.

– He promised information from Blue Planet Foundation staff, who also spoke about the long-term goal of giving the topic of sustainability space over time. In local primary schools he is. In any case, the entire subject was completed in English until then, with the unconvincing intention of setting a good example in international education for sustainability in school education.

(Cover Photo: Hungarian language and written literature final exam at a grammar school in Budapest on May 2, 2022. Photo: Bruzák Noémi/MTI)

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