INDEX - LOCAL - There are no insurmountable obstacles in Austria with the oriental pollen either

INDEX – LOCAL – There are no insurmountable obstacles in Austria with the oriental pollen either

Before each trip it is recommended to visit the specified destination Consulate And The Embassy Information We read it carefully, where you can find all the important information in detail about the entry conditions.

If we are vaccinated with an oriental vaccine, the important difference is that Sinopharma is accepted, and Sputnik is not accepted upon entry.

If you are planning a holiday/rest of several days in Austria, you will need to be tested every two to three days in addition to the oriental vaccinations. The easiest way to store them is to download the free app of the Austrian Ministry of Social Affairs and Federal Information Center (Bundesrechenzentrum – BRZ), green pass(green card).

The Austrian app saves and processes vaccination certificates (Impfzertifikat), test results (Testzertifikat) and recovery from illness (Genesungszertifikat) offline, making it available only on the user’s mobile phone.

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The application is easy to use, after downloading, scan the QR code on the printed test certificate or add the pdf file saved on your phone. Our certification can be submitted without an active internet connection.

EU Vaccine ID downloaded from EESC and local PCR test can also be converted, since it also has an EU compatible QR code that can be interpreted by the app.

However, the Gruner Pass becomes really important after crossing the border. Immunization with Sinopharm and Sputnik will not be accepted for use of the Services.

The Grüner Pass helps you view our must-take tests when you go to a café, restaurant or hotel, for example (as well as register your address everywhere, and our contact details for a quick search of contacts if needed).

the website Describes exactly where the entrance test is required. If this is not available, a rapid single-entry antigen test should be performed on site under supervision. However, this is far from guaranteed everywhere (the spot test hasn’t been allowed in Vienna since 1 July), and it only qualifies you for a one-time and one-time entry, so it’s best to make sure you have something to show for your Grüner Pass.

Fortunately, it can be tested in many places throughout Austria. The website also helps with that. There are free and paid options in all provinces. Mostly you have to register in advance. The PCR test is valid for 72 hours and the antigen test is valid for 48 hours.

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If we do not want to dig deep into our pockets (in Vienna you are also required 25 euros for the test), you can earn free points. For example, the Red Cross has test points for antigen testing nationwide. Pre-registration is required and we need to take the test ourselves based on a short and easy to understand description. The result is sent via SMS and e-mail within a quarter of an hour or twenty minutes, as it can be transferred to the Grüner Pass in a matter of seconds.

It would be easier to rest/travel in Austria as it would have been before the coronavirus epidemic, but there are no obstacles that cannot be overcome even if we are vaccinated with an oriental vaccine.

(Cover Photo: Passers-by in Vienna on April 1, 2021. Photo: Thomas Kronsteiner/Getty Images)

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