Index - local - there are more and more arguments in favor of starting the study later

Index – local – there are more and more arguments in favor of starting the study later

The Hungarian Sleep Society has published several research findings in recent years I noticedFrom which it can be concluded that there are more and more problems with children’s sleeping habits. The organization therefore recommends that primary and secondary school classes begin at 9:30 a.m.

The situation of the pandemic itself has reinforced this, as we can now see that the changing living conditions have had a significant impact on life.

he betrayed Information Radio György G. Németh, President of the Hungarian Sleep Society.

In addition, he added, many sleep experts and researchers have recognized that sleep quality is negatively affected by decreased sleep time, which in turn affects performance the next day.

A similar conclusion was reached by the association in its own survey conducted jointly with the Synaptic Health Researcher.

We also see the need to address sleep quality among school-age children and primary and secondary school students.

– continued the president of the association, who said that children are basically “unusable” at 8 am and 7 pm.

At about 9 am, the desire and skill of the children come into focus. So the kids who go to school at eight in the morning, between six and seven in the evening are the ones who go early. This time can be turned away, because an extra bedtime of up to half an hour can significantly improve sleep quality.

Therefore, we recommend that classes start at 9:30 at the earliest, but it would be best to start teaching at 9 am.

– Outline the career ideas of G. Németh György. The association president said the start of the study at a later date had already been introduced in several member states of the United States, which had proven successful.

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According to György G. Németh, the experience of starting later is also good, which means an extra 30-40 hours of bedtime for parents.

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