Index - Local - The Hungarian Academy of Sciences has issued a statement on the mixing of species

Index – Local – The Hungarian Academy of Sciences has issued a statement on the mixing of species

According to the announcement, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Board of Directors adopted a statement saying:

Living people today belong to one species (Homo sapiens), whose individuals differ from each other, for example, in terms of skin color, body shape and facial structure.

They explained: “None of the different races of man, which have evolved over a long period of time, is superior or inferior to the other, and their admixture is simultaneous with human history.” Then they also added that the mixing of species

Any restriction or stigmatization is incompatible with universal humanistic culture, humanity, Christianity and human rights.

“Culture can be created by different groups of people who usually differ not by race, but by geographic location, history, language or national identity. Cultural mixing can have a fertilizing effect, aiding social development, but it can also be a source of great tensions “.

Statement At the end they write:

It is the responsibility of politics and society to preserve the diversity of cultures that enrich each other but preserve their identity, to coordinate their encounters, and to reconcile conflicts that arise for the benefit of nations and humanity. Historical experience, acquired at times very bitterly, teaches us to beware of simplistic answers.

The decision also noted the words of King Szent Istvan’s reproach to Prince Emre: “Because guests come from different regions and provinces, they bring with them different languages ​​and customs, different models and weapons, and all this decorates the country, raises the light of annihilation … “.

Regarding the speech, Viktor Urban himself later said: it is possible that his words were misunderstood.

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By the way, the Prime Minister is also preparing for a big speech Thursday evening, This time in America.

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