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Index – Local – Taboo, Speech Police and Political Murder

Index - Local - Taboo, Speech Police and Political Murder

The famous French historian of ideas, Michel Foucault It was first introduced into the system in the early 1970s (A. The order of the speech In his study) how he abbreviated history With words of strength Uncomfortable monetary exchanges.

Foucault’s starting point was still scandalous in his day, but today it is almost familiar: the history of the emergence and influence of mainstream intellectual currents cannot be understood without parallel stories to suppress marginal views and subcultures.

There are techniques that are too aggressive and more depressing. They have two main types: to exclude some from social dialogue altogether, but they can also restrict certain opinions “only”.

You have silence!

The most cruel way to silence entire individuals or groups has always been the physical annihilation of the speakers. Reparations with fire and iron in ancient and medieval times, genocide during colonialism and the twentieth century, and political executions (and assassinations) at any time.

Of course, you don’t have to kill the other to stay silent. In the past, banishment or imprisonment was sufficient for the same thing. There are two sub-states of the latter.

the prisonWith trumped-up accusations – a long string of Stalinist conceptual lawsuits might come to mind, but this ugly tradition still lives on in authoritarian regimes.

House of fools It may sound old-fashioned, although a commentator critical of the system was referred to a psychiatric institute in Thailand last summer, who was eventually released only out of outrage in the international press.

By denying political rights entire social groups can be excluded from discussions about our common affairs. From time immemorial, the masses of a certain race, ancestry, or wealth did not have the right to vote multiple times.

Before Foucault, it was not customary to discuss all this in the context of “theoretical theory,” even though this silence was indeed a primary means of transforming the debate throughout history. It suffices to think only of contemporary dilemmas of slave emancipation.

Would everything be the same if blacks had been able to have a say in the conflict from the start? Even the interrogation is frivolous.

This is not to be said!

Of course, the limits of pronunciations can be organized in a more complex way than before.

Everyone’s life, freedom and even the right to vote can remain safe, which is sometimes enough to silence the unwanted types of statements issued by public trustees. There are several techniques for this as well.

  • Tabu: Sometimes topics have been around for centuries, about which it is forbidden to talk about them in public, but we should not ask why we are not specifically allowed to talk about them in public, because we were already talking about them in public, and it is forbidden. Not legally forbidden, but culturally sure. So banned castings are always side by side with scandals.
  • Censorship This can also happen on a political or cultural basis. You can do other things, but we can do it ourselves. Self-censorship and taboos are closely related. It is a matter of special taste whether we consider the Bomford silence or voluntary silence a more serious act of civilization.
  • Boycott and secession. Popular leisure activities are these in public life, and his message is always the same: What he says (they) is not. It didn’t even seem. But at least, let’s do that! Until then, he does not have to argue on the merits. In fact, it is just a milder form of denoting the category of reason when we deceive someone or call them an antichrist.
  • he is. This may surprise many, although it is only a reversal of minor taboos. Some things a polite person wouldn’t talk about simply because they are inappropriate. But it might be important. The concept of blasphemy by conservatives and speech police searches of turbo liberals also dance about the phenomenon, sometimes with fierce comic gestures.
  • Education. Well, it was all about the luxury. In all cases, education attempts to justify “correct” answers and behaviors, mostly by means of discipline and indisputable authority. Obviously, it is inevitable, but it still limits the maneuver of speech at the visceral level.
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Could the sentence come from anywhere?

He inquires angrily at his well-known poem Janus Belinsky. We now have the answer: very no.

Michel Foucault did not understand the heyday of the digital age, as he died in 1984, so he could no longer enter the case of internet publications marked as aliases or community profiles that were banned in his world-famous registry.

Of course, the culture of silence did not come through suspended or canceled online accounts.

It is the same age as human civilization.

It only stems from the nature of power.

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