Index - Economics - Brexit could discourage Hungarian students from continuing their studies in the United Kingdom

Index – Local – Szilárd Németh: We are doing everything we can to make András Fekete-Győr an officer

Gáspár Orbán graduated from the Sandhurst Royal Military Academy (RMAS), and began a nine-month training with two other Hungarians in September 2019 as a scholarship holder from the Ministry of Defense. In 2014/15, the fee for this training was 93,673 pounds GBP, converted into HUF 37.8 million at current rates – Index wrote earlier.

“I translate: they paid for the exorbitant teaching of Ibn Orban from the tax forint. I don’t care what the results of Gáspár Orbán’s study were, whether he fulfilled the formal requirements. I am interested in political psychology becoming hundreds of billions by committing dozens of sins, but not even spending that much The big money for his son’s education – but he paid for it with us, ”the founder and head of the momentum movement responded to press releases about his community.

GOSPER and the British Military Trainer: Victor Urban will be a criminal even in his last five fights …

Posted by: András Fekete-GyőrThursday 14 January 2021

Szilárd Németh, Parliamentary Minister of State for the Ministry of Defense and Member of Parliament for Fidesz-KDNP, did not leave the opinion of the opposition politician. András told Fekete-Győr on Facebook, saying, “I offer to András Fekete-Győr that, in the footsteps of many young Hungarians, he will also take up armed service in his homeland and take the military oath. Be a professional soldier, contractor or volunteer reserve soldier in the Hungarian Armed Forces. Our best effort to ensure that “the Hungarian patriot becomes a self-sacrificing Hungarian officer, totally loyal, direct in all circumstances, accustomed to a modest lifestyle, lover of his future profession, and a gallant Hungarian officer.

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“I will protect you at the expense of my life!” I show András Fekete-Győr that, in the footsteps of many young Hungarians, he also undertakes …

Posted by: Szilard NemethThursday 14 January 2021

Presumably in response to news published Thursday about the training of Jasper Urban, the Ministry of Defense Send a notification To MTI, as he wrote that 163 officers and 800 non-commissioned officers have trained abroad in recent years.

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