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INDEX – LOCAL – Junior Award Winner Istvan Koksmar Toth is a sports journalist at INDEX

INDEX - LOCAL - Junior Award Winner Istvan Koksmar Toth is a sports journalist at INDEX

In 2007, the founders of Prima Primissima decided to award a separate award to those who are the best among young people. Young people under thirty years of age with outstanding performance can claim the Junior Prima Award, which is awarded every year.

Describing the award, they wrote: “The support of talented young people is especially important, because our future is in their hands.”

This year, six people received the award, and among the nominees were two other journalists from Index, Raven Betina And the Nicolette Virko.

“Standing here is a very special experience. This is a success for the team and, in this respect, it is similar to sports: it is great to have award winners, ‘golden shoes, golden balls’, but here we also need ‘goal passes, coaches’. From this point of view, the index is a good environment, especially in the sports department, the atmosphere is friendly, and there is the workshop that I have always needed. From this point of view, I am lucky, because my colleagues at my previous places of work also made this possible. This is the environment that really inspires you And it can make you effective. The really good thing about this is that I can work with people I’ve known for a very long time, even ten years, and you could say we grew up together, and I hope we can succeed together,” he said. After the awards ceremony Stephen Coxmar Toth.

Our newspaper CEO, Ákos Starcz Added:

“We are proud of István, who won the most important professional award in the Index in the past two years. We also had three nominees in the under-30 category, and it was not easy to choose them. Among our efforts is the training of young journalists, which brings our content closer to the younger generations This award also shows that we have found the right path as we move forward.”

(Cover photo: Istvan Kukchmar Toth with Prima Junior Award. Photo: Kata Nemeth/Index)