Index - Local - Imre Csernus: We are heading towards disaster

Index – Local – Imre Csernus: We are heading towards disaster

He called off his life in Budapest because he was increasingly disturbed by the bad vibrations of his presence in the big city. Imre Csernus believes that many people who live in the big city are in a hurry, irritable, frustrated, stressed, anxious – and all this has an effect on their health.

I didn’t like this confession, I started to feel like I’m not feeling well. Besides the fact that I have nothing wrong with Budapest anyway it’s a very nice place with beautiful buildings I’m still happy to stay there for a short time

said the psychiatrist in an interview with Mandiner.

Giving a lot of lectures all over the country, he began to consciously take an interest in the landscapes and settlements where he was having a good time, so he reached the vicinity of Eger, and more specifically to Noszvaj. According to him, he did not regret his decision, as he had many friends, and did not want to leave the settlement. According to Emery Cernos, it is of great importance that the urban man does not forget that he is “coming”, and if he is modest, attentive and unpretentious, he can take root in the countryside. The psychiatrist thinks the urban man puts things together as if he always knew everything, but this is not the case.

In the life of a big city man, the epidemic did not lead to any benefit. Not because it has eliminated an element of his life and that is why so many people live in big cities. The hustle and bustle, the feeling of “I matter, I have non-stop experiences” disappeared from moment to moment, and many people were locked into their little apartments.

explained for your sons Emre Cernos.

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According to the psychiatrist, while the people in the countryside still had work, the metropolitan man was stuck inside the four walls and faced his unspoken fears. Quarantine opened a different global window on the big city, but the catharsis didn’t happen, so the tension remained there.

Nothing shows this better than a weekend time, or people travel to the countryside, or if stores are only closed for a day, they buy everything as if they were preparing for the end of the world. This hides uncomfortable feelings and fears, then panic reactions and sleep problems come.

According to Imre Csernus, we’ve been heading toward disaster for a long time. On the other hand, change can only be achieved if one places oneself in internal order, and then, when examining one’s responsibility, if one realizes something, changes it.

(Cover image: Imre Csernus. Photo: Tamás Kaszás/Velvet)

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