Index - Local - Here's the answer: This is how Hungarians communicated while Facebook was closed

Index – Local – Here’s the answer: This is how Hungarians communicated while Facebook was closed

Just before midnight on Monday, Facebook’s services and social media sites were restored. As it has since appeared, configuration error It caused a global outage on the world’s most famous social site. The errorem could not be repaired remotely, and a network failure triggered an avalanche-like process that eventually shut down completely. sExperts say that a network technology called BGP caused the error. The BGP aGateway Protocol Stands for routers that handle packets of data between larger networks. If this does not work, the Internet will split into islands made up of networks of the largest providers.

The downtime took too long because the engineers had to go to the data centers in person, where the error could not be handled remotely.

What did Hungarian users do last night?

Downtime has affected billions of people around the world, and we were no exception. The error message that Facebook or its pages can’t be accessed was incredible, something we haven’t seen in a long time. At first, by definition, everyone started with basic troubleshooting: they switched to airplane mode, or turned off their cell phone and then turned it on, assuming they might not have access to the Internet.

When asked about the index, Magyar Telekom’s corporate communications department replied that due to the shutdown of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp last night, many people switched to traditional communication services, used SMS to send messages and kept in touch with their friends via mobile voice calls. .

In the case of mobile voice traffic, starting at 5:45pm yesterday, they saw 15 percent higher traffic than usual in this period on weekdays.

Surprisingly, downtime hasn’t had such a huge impact on mobile data traffic. Interestingly, however, the number of data connection activations has increased (an increase of about forty percent), that is, when mobile devices are put into flight mode and the device is restarted or rebooted. The increase in this can be explained by the fact that many people misidentify on the Internet a Facebook social networking siteAnd they thought they had a problem with internet access when they couldn’t use the app.

There has been a significant decrease in ground data traffic. On the other hand

The traffic of voice calls over landlines increased compared to the average in the same period last Monday.

Traffic from the Telekom network was about eight to ten percent higher, and incoming traffic increased by four to five percent.

If we receive data from additional providers, we will update it our article !

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