Index - Local - Heatwave remains, but umbrellas may be needed

Index – Local – Heatwave remains, but umbrellas may be needed

Today, the heat wave continues, and it will reach its peak today, when thermometers appear in the east and south from 35 to 37 degrees. Code red is still valid. However, on Wednesday evening, a cold front arrives that can cause showers and thunderstorms in several places.

By the first day of July, the heat drops everywhere, we can measure 25-31 degrees in the hottest hours of the afternoon. The lowest temperatures at night range between 17 and 24 degrees. It will be warmest in major cities and along the shores of the lake. However, precipitation, which will significantly reduce the drought, remains elusive.

The storms of the last days did not bring much water, but rather more lightning. Time Picture cameras recorded a lightning show in Pécs, and they can now watch it at lightning speed, compressed into 15 seconds.

On Wednesday, cumulus clouds formation will be strongest in the eastern regions. Today, heavy rain and thunderstorms are likely, especially in the north-central mountains and in the northeast. The number of cumulus clouds decreases at night, but occasional rains may continue in the northeastern part of the country. Rain and thunderstorms may fall in the Trans Tissa region Wednesday afternoon, and in Kisalfold in the evening (in larger numbers).

Today the south and southwest winds are rising, the air movement on Wednesday shifts to the northwest and west in an increasing area, and it is getting stronger especially in the Great Northern Plain. Strong, gusty winds can also occur near thunderstorms.

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