Index - Local - French Ambassador: Emmanuel Macron's goal is to understand the opposition

Index – Local – French Ambassador: Emmanuel Macron’s goal is to understand the opposition

Met in Budapest in mid-December Emmanuel Macron and Victor Urban, held a joint press conference With leaders of V4 countriesAnd the French president He also met with representatives of the opposition coalition. Regarding the latter, the French ambassador, Pascal Andriani-Maguire-Herlab, told that the purpose of Emmanuel Macron was to listen to and understand the representatives of the opposition who participated in the primaries.

We are European countries, we are close to each other, so it is important not to interfere in each other’s internal politics, but to meet with its participants, to understand each other

said the French ambassador.

They also requested that the Embassy had previously invited Peter Markey-G to several occasions, who had been introduced to several other ambassadors. Pascal Andriani said that his job as ambassador was to meet with all the representatives in politics, to understand what was happening, what the Hungarians believed, how they saw the European Union, for example, to listen to everything and then in France to explain how things were going. .

I’ve already met Peter Markie Zay and other ambassadors, some of whom already know him. Heads of European missions often meet with various political actors. But I already had lunch with Clara Dobrev in the company of other ambassadors, and I also attended a lunch with Anna Donath at the invitation of other leaders of expeditions

The French ambassador explained. he added:

In addition to the opposing actors, I, of course, also meet our friends on Fides.

He said about the meeting between the French President and the Hungarian Prime Minister: The atmosphere was friendly, the atmosphere was good, as Viktor Orban and Emmanuel Macron have known each other for a long time, and they met several times at the European Council meetings. The two leaders discussed at length, several topics discussed, including the upcoming French presidency of the European Union, as well as the history of Hungary and Hungarian.

President Macron was very happy to be able to visit Hungary, mainly due to the Visegrád Summit and the meeting with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Pascal Andreani added.

The interview also revealed that French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin will visit Budapest next week for talks with Sandor Pinter. It also aims to enable them to work together more closely, for example to protect the external borders of the European Union.

In response to a question from Pascal Andriani, France, which holds the rotating presidency of the European Union, is particularly concerned about Hungary in its defense policy, as Viktor Orbán was the first to talk about a common European force.

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(Cover photo: Pascal Andriani, French Ambassador, December 6, 2019. Photo: Mattei Zoltan/MTI)

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