Index - Local - Ferry attractions become life-threatening

Index – Local – Ferry attractions become life-threatening

A limestone raft fell next to a reef waterfall in the Cebes Koros Valley in Transylvania. A huge piece of stone fell into the river five to ten meters from the waterfall and greatly distorted the areas around the tourist area.

One geologist pointed out that limestone is a relatively unstable rock, easy to collapse, and the current state may also be the result of a natural process, which may have been due to recent rainy weather.

Istvan Pinter, head of the Salvamont-Salvaspo Mountain and Caves Rescue Service in Bihor County, said:

The observatory next to the waterfall must be demolished as soon as possible and the path to it must be closed because it has become life-threatening.

At the ten-meter waterfall, the water of the stream emerging from the Zychi stalactite cave, which can be visited and visited, falls into the course of the Sipes-Kros River. The waterfall and Zichy stalactite cave are located in the gorge Sebes-Körös Valley in the mountains of the Royal Forest. The varied terrain and countryside of rivers, streams, waterfalls, and hundreds of caves attract tens of thousands of trekkers to the area each year.

Last summer, a huge block of stone was cut from the Begir Waterfall in Banat, considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, in a similar fashion.


(cover photo: wikipedia)

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