Index - local - eighteen concerts without a mask in Philosopher's Park, then the police came

Index – local – eighteen concerts without a mask in Philosopher’s Park, then the police came

The police also had a lot to do over the Easter weekend. On Friday, a group of 18 people gathered at Philosopher’s Park without a mask. In a briefing on Tuesday to operations staff, Robert Case said that breach procedures have been initiated against them. The vice president of the service center said that a flower shop in Gönyű is temporarily closed because the operator did not comply with protection measures.

Robert Case briefing the staff on April 6, 2021

Photo: M1 / ​​Media click

Police closed a pub in Akasztó on April 1 and a pub in Maglód on April 2. On April 3, measures are taken against 4 people on Lanchid Street, District 1. There was also a restaurant in llés, Csongrád-Csanád province, where a worker was serving a guest. According to Robert Case, the guest was found in the store’s restroom.

On the night of April 1, the thirteenth. Zone report due to disturbed silence. 5 people were tried, three of whom violated the evening curfew. The participants continued to sound despite the warning and penalties, so the police had to return to the scene, and the silencers were produced on the thirteenth. District Captain.

On April 4, the police also took action in two apartments on Airbnb due to silence: Six people were screened on Erzsébet Boulevard and 11 on Dohány Street. As Robert Case said, administrative authority proceedings against the Airbnb apartment operator have begun.

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