Index - local - autumn or winter?  There was 25 cm of snow 75 km from the Hungarian border

Index – local – autumn or winter? There was 25 cm of snow 75 km from the Hungarian border

Sandor Petofi writes: “The rental ceiling has already been covered by snow.” At the end of September in his poem. Although we are only at the beginning of September, meteorological autumn has just arrived, not far from our borders, the weather is especially winter: in the High Tatras, for example, the summit of Lumnichi was already covered with 25 cm of snow.

It is expected to thicken further, as the temperature on the mountain is still around 0 degrees. As a result of the cold vortex swirling over Central Europe, the air became increasingly cold, and at altitudes of more than 2000 meters, snow began to fall significantly at night.

Fortunately here at home you don’t have to expect such cold on Friday AM6-12 degrees in the afternoon and 21-26 degrees in the afternoon. Not only is snow falling but rain is expected, extreme winds can pick up in some places.

Average temperatures are 3-5 degrees below the usual values. After the noticeable cold front that passed earlier last week, the weather has not warmed up either, because a large vortex of air has shaped our weather for the past week.

Because of the cold weather in the last decade of August, the average temperature in the last month of summer was 1 degree lower in the north than the long-term average, but overall this summer was 1 degree and 2 degrees warmer than usual in the eastern boundary. The amount of precipitation remained below the long-term average in most parts of the country during the summer, with the exception of a few places affected by heavy rain, and did not decrease by 100 mm in the eastern and southeastern part of the Great. Plain and Central Transdanubia.

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next week Anticyclones usually shape our weather, and cold fronts will only touch our region. Thus, there is a possibility of sunny, dry and warm weather to a large extent. Air movement remains mostly weak or moderate, picking up only Sundays in larger areas of the Northeast. Wind.

Dawn will still be cool, with the “frosty” areas dropping to nearly 5 degrees. temperature, Elsewhere, minimum temperatures are expected between 8 and 13 degrees, and fog and mist can be expected in many places. During the day, the air warms up to 20-25 degrees, but on Saturdays it can be a few degrees warmer, according to the National Weather Service’s forecast.

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