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Index – Local – Andras Schaeffer: Not two thirds like oranges, but many people hate moss

Index - Local - Andras Schaeffer: Not two thirds like oranges, but many people hate moss

There are nearly three million voters in Fides, but there may be many who now have snowshoes full of Orbán’s style of government. Their shoes are full of this accumulated capitalism, there are so many people who have a million problems with the government, they can narrate a million arguments about why Viktor Orbán was distracted so he wouldn’t come back. He can’t say a single argument about why this opposition helped lead

Happy Andras Schaeffer InfoRadio Also available in chat on your Facebook page, highlighted:

Two-thirds didn’t like the orange, but they made the laundry a lot.

The lawyer, a former Member of Parliament, is the founder of LMP He also expressed his views in the index on the election results.

Now about the role of the opposition, he said, if the opposition itself becomes the rival of the government in 2026, the support of the ruling parties could increase.

If our country cannot get rid, for example, of gypsies and rumors and various racial twists, if they continue to ride a bike, that there is a dictatorship here, and that Parliament should be boycotted, then the Prime Minister should be insulted by the wayside style, if possible 0- at 24, so There is no minimum institutional respect, it will not be two-thirds, but four-fifths.

Regarding tensions among voters, he said it thus: There is a paradoxical situation where there is growing resistance among the upper middle class among those who have managed to thrive in recent years.

Chafing resistance is increased, simply because the NER Knights coat as a weatherproof layer prevents the possibility of climbing.

According to Schaefer, the Prime Minister has estimated that, despite his full authority in Parliament, the long-running successful government of nearly two million people openly hates his person and his government and considers all actions of the Fidesz and Fidesz governments to be illegitimate and cannot be illegitimate . The reckless fierce resistance of nearly two million people may be a major obstacle in the event of a crisis.

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Regarding current and former Hungarian-Russian relations, he stated:

There was only one cycle of government that neglected eastern markets and never neglected: Eastern politics – not just Russia – Orbán’s first government

– he said, adding that Gyula Horn and the Hungarian Socialist Party took the eastern markets seriously in an effort to restore the eastern ones, not entirely independently of the interests of the socialist oligarchy groups.

Schaefer also spoke about party funding issues, saying that the role of small donors will intensify in the future.

With American investment, the Hungarian left surely can’t do

He said, adding that there have been attempts to do this in the past, which could have led to an earlier split in the menstrual cycle.

(Cover image: Andras Schaeffer. Photo: Szollár Zsófi / index)

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