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Index – Local – Ákos Hadházy questioned OGYÉI’s Hungarian license for Russian vaccine

Index – Local – Ákos Hadházy questioned OGYÉI’s Hungarian license for Russian vaccine

Kos Hadházy suspects Hungarian authorities issued a permit for a Russian vaccine without taking the basic measurements and tests required to obtain the permit – he writes about it Wednesday. In your Facebook post. The opposition politician asked the National Institute of Pharmacy and Food Hygiene (OGYÉI) for personal information and wanted to see these documents, but the director refused to do so (according to Akos Hazazi, illegally), but sent him a copy of the permit.

This indicates that the ampoules are missing

  • identification
  • Active substance content
  • Remaining live adenovirus content in cell culture (Hungarian: Can the virus used as a vector replicate in the body)
  • And an abnormal toxicity test.

What we have is volume metering, pH measurement, bacterial toxin and mycoplasma metering, which rules out contamination of samples – Akus Hadze wrote. According to basic information, the results were insufficient and therefore missing. At the same time, it also raises questions about why, if we had samples of the Russian vaccine with us for months, they wouldn’t be able to get the tests.

Although Chuckus Hadzei says he believes Chinese and Russian vaccines can be good,

“The vaccine should not only be produced for trials, but it must also be produced in the millions and of the same quality,” he stresses, stressing that states should only allow it if the manufacturer can prove it.

Russian scientists at Chernobyl also claimed that everything is in order. Unfortunately, the Russian system today is no more democratic and transparent than communism in the 1980s.

He said. Ákos Hadházy also posted the posted documents on his community page as evidence. He added that he had a number of questions on the topicTherefore, it will continue the “futile struggle to make the process transparent.”

The licensing process for the Russian vaccine began in Hungary in mid-November. Director General of OGYÉI earlier in this regard He saidThat mAfter receiving satisfactory answers to all their questions from the manufacturer, the Russian vaccine was approved on January 20. It has been found that it can be given to anyone over the age of 18 and is more than 90 percent effective.

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