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Index - Local - Ágnes Kunhalmi: If we don't beat Orban in 2022, we won't be able to send it for 10-15 years

Index – Local – Ágnes Kunhalmi: If we don’t beat Orban in 2022, we won’t be able to send it for 10-15 years

At the moment, Gergeli Karaxone is the only candidate for prime minister among all of us. Among the candidates who stood at the starting line and scored in the preliminary selection, said Agnes Konhalmi 168 hours. MSZP co-chair added that he nonetheless respects Peter Jakab and Clara Dobrev, but “can’t mobilize all social strata interested in change”.

Their role is very important, without them it is impossible to beat Viktor Orban, but then this country must unite. This can only be done by those who can keep the local opposition camp together

Politician added. According to him, a very broad social base should be mobilized against the prime minister, and all the voters of the opposition should be escorted to the booths, and this can only be done by a non-divisive person.

If only 2,000 people stay home in the elections because, say, we chose someone who they don’t want to vote for for historical reasons or for the situation prior to 2010, maybe because they’re the leader of a party in transition, that’s already a big problem.

Said Agnes Konhalmi.

According to the politician in the MSZP, Peter Jakab and Clara Dobrev are also divisive, and neither of them can unite the opposition camp.

These are my fears, and this is something someone has to say today. I wouldn’t be shy because I can see the amount of risk. If we made a mistake somewhere or the voters put the vote in the wrong place and now we can’t beat Orban in 2022, we can’t send him for 10-15 years

pointed out. The politician also said that if Peter Jakab wins the primaries, he will also be supported.

It has been eleven years since the election of Viktor Orban, which he says was a lot of wasted time and should have been united by opposition parties for so long. We’ve finally come this far, we can’t slide into a bad decision,” added Agnes Konhalmi. MSZP co-chairman said that all opposition candidates for prime minister, András Fekete-Győr and Péter Márki-Zay, are required for a complete victory.

According to Eugens Konhalmi, the result of the primaries will decide whether they can beat Viktor Orban in the 2022 elections. According to the politician, the candidate he supports the most, Girgili Karaxone, “derives his strength from the attacks in the capital and maintains the lead, although the Fides skips him where he can.” According to him, if the dialogue candidate wins the elections, they can keep the capital as well.

The actress also stated that it would be good for Hungary to have more female politicians. He believes that this issue will be resolved by the election of Girgili Karacsonne.

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