Index - local - a microbiologist in the third vaccine: it certainly won't hurt

Index – local – a microbiologist in the third vaccine: it certainly won’t hurt

“As the Prime Minister said: We know for sure that a third vaccination will not do any harm,” microbiologist Stephen Parks responded to Viktor Urban’s morning announcement. The Prime Minister reported on Radio Kossuth Friday morning that the government will provide the conditions for the third vaccination, for which a sufficient amount of the vaccine will be available. So the Index asked István Barcs about the need for revaccination, and the retired department head stated:

The SARS-CoV-2 virus has only been known to science for two years, so there is still a lot of uncertainty around it.

This is also the case with the spectrum and continuity of vaccine efficacy, but based on the knowledge to date, further control of the epidemic can be planned. steps.

“Experiments are currently underway to determine if it is worth mixing different vaccines, and if so, what combination will provide an adequate immune response,” added Estfan Parks. As this is individual, it also implies the participation of general practitioners in defining the third vaccine.

So, we also asked about Viktor Urban’s announcement that he would have to wait four months between giving his second dose of the vaccine and the booster. According to István Barcs, although this also depends on the individual’s immune response, this time period is recommended not only in the Hungarian healthcare system but also in international organizations.

Based on all this, Istvan Parks drew attention to the need for antibody testing after vaccination.

Hungarian experts have several times expressed the opinion that tests carried out in private laboratories to show protection are unreliable and are at most suitable for follow-up. However, according to the expert, this is not true. “Accredited institutes can also provide important information about booster vaccinations,” the specialist added. He said massive state-sponsored antibody tests would also be necessary.

Anyone who tests positive for an antibody may be the most dangerous form of the disease, including protection against pneumonia, which can lead to mechanical ventilation, which is reassuring. It’s definitely better than leaving everyone in limbo

Microbiologist added.

Stephen Parks welcomed the government’s obligation to vaccinate health workers. Viktor Urban also declared in a radio interview that although he is not an advocate of coercion, in the future only those who receive the vaccination can work in the field of health care. According to one of the experts who told Index, this is a completely reasonable decision.

“When I entered healthcare, I had to take the typhoid vaccine first and foremost. As a microbiologist, I was more likely to come into contact with the pathogen than the average person,” he argued in favor of compulsory vaccination. It was the same later with the mandatory introduction of infectious hepatitis vaccines for health care workers. According to István Barcs, this is also justified by the fact that the infection in their case is especially dangerous. This is because during the incubation period, a sick health worker can transmit the infection to many people. He added to our question that there was a political debate about this in the past, but that’s over now in Europe. In recent weeks, France, Greece and Croatia have also required health care workers to take the vaccine, providing a reliable point of reference for the Hungarian public.

And on the fight against vaccination, he said that capital fraud from it is still dangerous.

He added that anti-vaccinators, such as György Gődény and Gábor Lenkei, who present themselves as specialists, are doing a lot of damage, and neither the press nor newspaper readers should take their opinions seriously.

(Cover Photo: A man receives the second dose of China’s Sinopharm coronavirus vaccine in a vaccine set up at Markhot Ferenc Hospital in Eger on June 2, 2021. Photo: Péter Komka/MTI)

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